Shorobor: Recycle Shop

How many sets of clothes do you have?

Just close your eyes for a while and try to count how many shirts, pants, punjabis and pajamas you have. Sisters can take account of their numbers of sarees, salwar-kameez, burka or hijaabs. Lost count?

Isn’t amazing that you don’t how many clothes you have.

Now, would you please open your wardrobe? Now, can you count?

  • Do you feel like counting the piles?
  • How many clothes you didn’t use for last one year?
  • How many clothes are there which you can’t remember of wearing last time?
  • Exactly how many sets of clothes does someone need throughout his life?
  • How many sets does someone need to adorn his life?
  • Which clothes are enough for you to maintain your status in the society?

You are a loved one. You get gifts every year. Your clothes are not pallid. Rasulullah ﷺ used to sew his own clothes[i]. We are not able to follow this sunnah of his.

Ibn Mas’ud Radiyallahu ta’ala ‘anhu reported that Rasulullah ﷺ said, The son of Adam will remain standing before Allah on the Day of Judgement until they have answered five questions about five things. Third question is about his wealth—how he earned it and spent it.

We have taken a small initiative to save ourselves on that Day of Judgement. We have decided to donate the extra clothes, shoes, bags etc. whatever we don’t need any more. We will release the extras trapped in our closets, cupboards, wardrobes, racks, suitcases, cartons etc. We will tidy up our homes.

All the donated items will go to a recycle shop. Our shop is situated at 294/2A, Lane 5, Tilpapara, near Khilgaon Rail Gate. We will clean and iron the old usable or unused clothes. And then we will sell it at a low price.

We hope people from lower class and lower-middle class will be able to buy their required items by their own choice at a low price at this shop. The revenue will be spent for rents and salary of the employees. Surplus amount of money will be used to provide technical education to the youth from poor family background.

Your children’s old clothes, clothes of you dear one who left this dunya, even old ragged shoes—nothing is to be thrown out. May be a hundred taka shirt means a lot to the boy from Open University who works as a peon at the morning and studies in the evening. Getting a small pant for five taka may mean a lot to a mother who is forced to keep her child uncovered. The rate of drying can’t defeat the rate of wetting. By offering this small gesture we hope to seek forgiveness from Allah for our abundant and luxurious lifestyle.

We would have been happy to go door to door collecting your donations. But we all know how it is in Dhaka. We would request you to spread the word and gather their donated items in one place. Insha Allah we will try to collect those from there. Please send an email at or call us on 01711 08 3659.

We have another plan regarding our Recycle Shop. Not only in Dhaka, we want to provide this platform to anyone from anywhere of this country who wants to live an honest life. So whoever posses the expertise to make something that people will buy, can send us their samples. It can be perfumes, honey or “gajorer halua” or even mayonnaise or pickles. You can send pillow covers, t-shirts or panjabis designed by you. In this way we want to use a portion of our Recycle Shop to help the small entrepreneurs. We want to help them in marketing and selling their products.

May Allah accept our humble endeavor of Recycle Shop against the huge gape of capitalism which is trying to swallow us all. Ameen.

[i] Ahmad, Saheeh Al-Jami’, 4937











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