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Shorobor works as a third party to import various items, as well as an Indentor & Commission Agent.


A trustworthy food supply business that produces and markets pure, natural, and quality foods. Awdon also develops unique food products through research and innovation.


The creative wing of Shorobor creates advertisements like social media creatives, explainer videos, whiteboard animations, corporate profiles, IVCs, and TVCs. This also aids in marketing solutions and social media marketing consultancy.


A platform for national and international trading. Shorobor has very solid sourcing and supply chain backbone with which it supplies a vast number of products to national and international bodies including United Nation organizations like WFP, UNICEF, and UNHCR.

Blanket Factory

A small cottage industry currently in Bogra that produces ‘Joined Blankets’ from piece clothes. The two-layered blankets are sewn with top quality threads. The extra pieces of cloth inside the layers make the blankets very warm.


A unique boutique shop where quality clothing is available at an affordable price. The signature products are mostly Men’s products including premium Jubba, Panjabi, Projonmo, thawb, and Bangali.


An online cow selling platform that sells and delivers cows and other sacrificial animals 2-3 days before Eid-ul-Adha. The animals are reared with good care and good food. No artificial fatteners and steroids are used.


Shorobor has a strong consultancy wing to motivate people to learn, understand, work, and change their lives. We provide professional help on:

  1. Start-up consultancy to aspiring entrepreneurs.
  2. Business development consultancy.
  3. Open wide range consultancy on different diverse topics.


A platform for young aspiring artists to market and sell their creations and paintings. The platform also provides page-makeup, drawing, and illustration services for books and magazines.


The engineering wing of Shorobor is involved in research and development. The research on food processing procedures aims to reduce waste of perishable food materials. There are also significant research works being carried on green and sustainable technologies, like, Aquaponics. Shorobor Prokoushol also works as a contractor for various construction projects.


A human resource development platform where people are trained on work, ethics, etiquette, and professionalism. Both individual and corporate level programs are arranged. The flagship workshops developed so far are:

  1. Workshop: “Work”
  2. University of Yusuf: Workshop on Ethics & Etiquettes
  3. Workshop: “Halal Marketing”
  4. Workshop: “Content Marketing”
  5. Workshop: “Before You Start A Business”
  6. Workshop: “Conflict Management”