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Blanket factory heading

Shorobor has two small cottage industries one in Dhunot, Bogra and the other at Rohonpur, Chapainawabganj.  We produce ‘Joined Blankets’ from piece clothes. The two-layered blankets are sewn with top quality threads. The extra pieces of cloth inside the layers make the blankets very warm.








Salient Features (heading)

♠ Large cut pieces

♠ High-quality thread/yarn

♠ Non-marginal stitching

♠ Individual Inspection 


Feel the difference


Social Impacts

♦ Thick and warm—perfect for cold affected people in rural areas.

♦ Employment all the year around and alleviating the hardships of the monga seasons.

♦ The flexible working pattern allows women to work and earn as per their capacity.

♦ Fair-trade: Regular and fair labor payment.


# A green procedure with leg-paddling sewing machines.

# Complete recycling of waste cloths.

# No consumption of electricity or gas.

Price for 2018-19

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Shorobor has got samples in Shorobor office, 3/6 Humayun Road, Muhammadpur, Dhaka.

Please contact Asif Ashkar 01750180044 or Rashidul Islam 01861005555 if you have any queries or need any assistance to procure blankets for distribution.


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