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Shorobor is a social business organization. We want to bring positive changes in the society through business endeavors. We created a platform to provide necessary supports to an entrepreneur. We motivate, teach skills and set up businesses that create employment opportunities. We believe in fair trade. Profits from these businesses sustain us and our partners.

Our slogan ‘a star-man, at least!’ is borrowed from the story of the boy and the starfish. Like stranded starfish on the shore, there are billions of people living under poverty line. We might not be able to help them all, but at least one.

If all of you reading this help at least one human being—by educating, by employing, by sharing resources; we can eradicate poverty from minds, hearts and stomachs.

We work to create a bridge between the rich and the poor. Social business is the bridge that involves the ‘HAVEs’ and empower the ‘HAVE-NOTs’. There are mentions of ‘business’ in the Qur’an in no less than six different places. In three of them, spending for others has been termed as ‘business’!

How is it a business? Whatever people spend for the poor will return to them in many folds in the Hereafter where the wealth left would do no good. An investment with Allah has a guaranteed return. We help the ‘HAVEs’ to do this business. We assist them to save themselves from eternal Hell-fire.