Blanket Factory

A few years ago. We have searched almost everywhere in Dhaka to buy blankets. Can’t get more warm blankets for less money.

Then moved outside of Dhaka.

In a village in Bogra, we saw two layers of blankets made of wastage fabric – Warm well, price low.

We started producing it.

Now we have our factory in Rangpur.

Today, those who used to make “Biri”, now sew blankets Alhamdulillah.

Shorobor has two small cottage industries one in Dhunot, Bogra and the other at Rohonpur, Chapainawabganj.  We produce ‘Joined Blankets’ from a piece of clothes. The two-layered blankets are sewn with top quality threads. The extra pieces of cloth inside the layers make the blankets very warm.

When we read the newspaper, we see some smiley faces pictures of almost every day, Captions – Winter clothes distribution among the poor by an X bank or a Y group.

We laugh then. Because we started selling blankets and reaching out to needy people in early November. We argued that since winter falls early in the village, those who need a blanket can use the entire winter.

Alhamdulillah – Our distribution effort has been well worth. We were able to give blankets in December before winter broke in most places.

‘SHOROBOR’s social business is like that.

We are not a voluntary organization that collects money from people and buys blankets to distribute. Our distribution was early, it might be too late to get the sold money.

We sold blankets to those voluntary organizations. We have also sold blankets to ordinary people, who bought a blanket for personal use and bought two more to give relatives. Again, we also sell blankets to Gulistan’s wholesalers. Alhamdulillah, we have on our side, from house worker to senior BGB officer as a customer. Many customers have given us the responsibility of buying blankets to reach the people who need it but do not get it.

We have also made that effort wholeheartedly.

At the end of the day, we have assisted in the direct delivery or distribution of about 15,000 blankets in 18 districts. When the blanket made by the Shorobor was finally finished but the winter was not over, we bought another 10000 blankets from the market and sold them to the donors at very low prices. Alhamdulillah. We have got very little profit or even a loss in some cases. Yet our intention was – if even a single human being was relieved in the winter through our work, we would still do it.

Winter is struck in the north. We also continue to sell blankets.

Who bought the blanket from us and gave it to us to deliver, we are trying to ship those blankets in remote areas.

For example, we have recently given a blanket on the banks of the Sonatla river in Bogra.

In the “Char(চর)” area, there are usually river-breaking people. Most of them do not have good homes.

The wind blows through the river and pierces the walls of the jute. And the wind was such that the people got wrapped in blankets even in the sunshine.

The pictures were taken in Char Chukainagar and Char Sarulia.