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The engineering wing of Shorobor is involved in research and development. The research on food processing procedures aims to reduce waste of perishable food materials. There are also significant research works being carried on green and sustainable technologies like Shorobor Udyan.

Shorobor Prokoushol also works as a contractor for various construction projects.

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Shorobor Udyan is a production system combining fish farming and vegetable production in one recirculating system. The three components are:

Fish, grows in the Shorobor.
Plants, grows in the Udyan.
Bacteria, lives in the Udyan.

Aquaponics basic diagram

There are two energy inputs in the system – food for fish and electricity to pump water into Shorobor. The fish eats the food and excretes ammonia rich wastes. Water from the Shorobor along with these waste is carried to the Udyans by gravitational force.

Fish in Shorobor
Fish in Shorobor

In the Udyan, the gravels act as active biofilters populated with nitrifying bacteria. The bacteria, unseen to naked eyes convert the toxic ammonia to neutral nitrites and eventually to nitrates. All these radicals are taken up by plant roots and used for plant growth.

For the other two components for plant growth – sunlight and carbon-di-oxide, Shorobor Udyan has to be set up in roof top or similar open spaces.

initial stage of plantation
initial stage of plantation

After the water is filtered through the Udyan biofilters, it is drained into Joladhar by force of gravity using a bell siphon based tide-ebb technology. The water is pumped up in the fish tank by a electrical small pump which should be left on 24/7.

Final stage of plantation
Final stage of plantation

Aeration for the fish is provided by the sprinklers in water falls as well as the tide-ebb in the Udyan.

The key factors for Shorobor Udyan is: pH, Water temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, and Ammonia/Nitrate Concentration.

harvested greens
harvested greens

A balanced system ensures right amount for all of the elements above.
The key to control the system is fish feed. Recommended feed for leafy vegetables are 20-50g/m2/day and for fruity vegetables are 50-80g/m2/day.
Periodic monitoring of the fish and plant health will dictate balance of the system. Disease, nutritional deficiencies and death are symptoms of an unbalanced system.

harvested fish
harvested fish

Shorobor Udyan is sold as permanent installation on rooftops or similar open spaces in urban areas of Bangladesh to provide fresh fish and vegetables for a family of 4-6 persons. Total space needed is approximately 100 square feets.

Approximate price per unit is 50,000-60,000 taka, depending on location and height of the building.

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