What We Fed

In picturesque farms of Kaharol and Ghoraghat in Dinajpur, the cows sold by Shorobor are reared with love and care.

We are against the practice of ‘Cow fattening’ as beef fats are not good for health. All we want is to give natural diets which included balanced nutrition for cows. The daily meals included

  1. Straw (খড়)

  2. Grass (ঘাস)

  3. Paddy particles (ধানের গুঁড়া)

  4. Cow feed (AIT) (কমার্শিয়াল ফিড)

  5. Corn powder (ভুট্টা ভাঙা)

  6. Wheat powder (গম ভাঙা)

  7. Mustard husk (সরিষার খৈল)