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Blanket factory heading

A small cottage industry currently in Shayebganj, Rangpur that produces ‘Joined Blankets’ from piece clothes. The two-layered blankets are sewn with top quality threads. The extra pieces of cloth inside the layers make the blankets very warm.








Salient Features (heading)

Large cut pieces

Highest quality thread/yarn

Non-marginal stitching

Individual blankets are checked by supervisors. 

Size & Weight

Shorobor Rate

Retail: Delivery to customer desired address. Delivery fee applicable.
Wholesale: Distribution by Shorobor.
Corporate: Minimum quantity 100 pcs. Delivery charge applicable.



Feel the difference

 Social Impacts

Thick and warm—perfect for cold affected people in rural areas.

Employment all the year around and alleviating the hardships of the monga seasons.

The flexible working pattern allows women to work and earn as per their capacity.

Fair-trade: Twice higher labor payment than local practice.


A green procedure with leg-paddling sewing machines.

Complete recycling of waste cloths.

No consumption of electricity or gas.

A Guide for Buying Blankets in Bangladesh



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